Pouring Creativity

We pour our creativity into all our cocktails so that you can pour creative cocktails, without becoming a pro mixologist first.

Omakase Cocktails

Omakase, in Japanese cuisine, is a dish or a menu selected for you by the chef. 

We make all our cocktails perfect. Cocktails are a beautiful expression of art that is really under-valued, designing a new flavour, something you haven’t had before, or something that stirs up a memory, something bright, dark, spicy, tropical. Maybe a delayed release of flavours, so you get Mexican Jalapeno Spice up front but end the sip with Earthy Smoke. You can be transported from a cold English winter, to a sunny Caribbean beach, all through the talent of the Cocktail Bartender. 

Yes, trust us to make a party wondrous through Cocktail Art.

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Tell Us What You Want

We have a huge selection of cocktails, and we can still create anything you like, but an even better solution, tell us the theme, the feeling or inspiration for your event and we will create a menu, just for you.

Fast, Simple & Perfect Every Time

Keg Cocktails are the future. Drinks are delivered fast & the same every time. We are not bound by the narrow flavour constraints that beer and wine are bound by. We can make any flavour we want.

No Need to Hire a Whole Bar Team

We will pour the cocktails for you, but the hard work is done already. Just pull the tap handle, pour the cocktail over ice, and serve. Anyone can do that. Fewer people are needed to pour kegged cocktails than making cocktails from scratch.

Zero Waste, Eco Friendly

Trash Tiki is a concept that has changed the face of cocktail bartending, and more and more bars are catching on. We follow their lead and use up all our ingredients, staying away from single use plastic and re-using.


Work events, private events, maybe a wedding, a birthday, or your company Christmas party. If you need alcoholic drinks there (that aren’t boring), then give us a call, we are the best. 

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