Our story

We’re a small business, or as we like to say ‘Craft’ size, keeping it personal. Marc has spent more than a decade honing his passion for innovating cocktails. He started by graduating “Cum Laude” in hospitality, and then working his way up to management in craft cocktail bars. Marc has implemented new cocktail programs on Cruise Lines and trained many a bartender on those cruise ships. In 2017, Marc won the prestigious Diageo World Class Global Travel Cocktail Competion, and was recognised as the best mixologist in the travel industry for that year – now personally designing cocktails for YOUR event! We are thrilled that he has decided to put his passion and artistic drive into our new venture.

Cocktails on tap are the future. Gaining momentum all over the country and the world. Don’t be surprised to see one of our kegs in your local pub soon.

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